The Grapes of Wrath

According to statements made in this novel, what is the importance of anger overcoming fear? what must be done with anger in order to make it productive?

the grapes of wrath

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The migrants who get to California and stay there aren't able obtain relief because they have not lived in the area long enough. At first, the locals pity the migrant's at plight, but shortly after their pity transforms into anger, which then becomes fear.

The migrants are forced to beg for food, and some even resort to stealing, but none-the-less, many of them die of starvation. The treatment they receive is less than how the animals were treated on the farms they've left. The women see fear in their husbands' faces and eventually see that fear become anger. This is a relief because it showed their men weren't defeated.

Anger must be channeled into work in order for it to be productive.


The Grapes of Wrath