The Grand Inquisitor

Influence on other media

  • The composer Bernd Alois Zimmermann used this tale, along with Book of Ecclesiastes, in his oratorio Ecclesiastical Action. He committed suicide five days later after composing the piece.[2]
  • The scene is the basis of the play Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy by Tony Kushner.
  • "Talitha Cumi", the third-season finale of The X-Files, borrowed heavily from this parable for an interrogation between The Smoking Man and Jeremiah Smith (as the Inquisitor and Jesus, respectively).[3]
  • Noam Chomsky refers to The Grand Inquisitor in the first chapter of his book Necessary Illusions.[4]
  • Aldous Huxley refers to The Grand Inquisitor in the last chapter of his book Brave New World Revisited.
  • The Ocean Collective refer to The Grand Inquisitor in their album Anthropocentric, running the parable across three songs.
  • David Bentley Hart refers to The Grand Inquisitor in Section V of Chapter One of his book The Doors of the Sea: Where was God in the Tsunami?
  • It was filmed as 'Inquisition[5]' in 2002 for Channel 5 in the UK, starring Sir Derek Jacobi as the Cardinal Grand Inquisitor.
  • David Foster Wallace refers to The Grand Inquisitor on pages 968-69 of his book Infinite Jest.
  • Christian Filostrat refers to "The Grand Inquisitor" on page 49 of his book Jerome's Pillows.
  • Irvin D. Yalom refers to The Grand Inquisitor in chapter 27 of his book The Gift of Therapy.[6]

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