The Good Earth

When wang lung becames swept up with the mob and enters the rich mans house, is the gold he receives there a curse or a blessing? do you fell any pity for the rich mam? what do you think the author intended you to feel?

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With revolution in the air and confusion and fear abounding, the gift of money from the fearful man to Wang Lung contributes greatly to his fortune. For, the next day Wang Lung and his family depart the city and begin their return home. Once back, Wang Lung is able to buy an ox, grain, and seeds. Later, he learns that his wife has stolen jewelry from the rich person's house. So, he demands it from her, all except two pearls, so that he can buy land from the House of Hwang.

Once Wang Lung goes to the great house, there is only the old Lord and a former female slave known as Cuckoo, who tells Wang Lung there is land for sale. Using the jewels he has procured from his wife, Wang Lung purchases land. Now, he can begin again, thanks to the money of the frightened man.