The Good Earth

In chapter 16, why Wang Lung does not want to do business with Cuckoo for buying the land of Hwangs?

As he got money from the revolution, then Wang Lung wants to buy the land of Hwangs. Unfortunately, at the house of Hwangs there are only the Old Lord and his former slave, Cuckoo.

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When Wang Lung talks about having come to pay to buy land, a good looking woman appears to let Wang Lung into the house. Wang Lung can tell that she is only a slave, but there seems to be none else in the house except the woman and the Old Lord.

Driving the Old Lord away, the slave is eager to discuss money with Wang Lung who does not know what to do because he is hesitant to do business with a woman. rom the shopkeeper, Wang Lung learns that the clever slave who is called Cuckoo is in complete control of the Old Lord. The Hwang land is for sale.