The Good Earth

i need help answering these last few questions

Chapter 32

1. Why was Wang Lung happy that the nephew’s woman had a girl?

2. What did the nephew’s woman want from Wang Lung?

3. Who did Wang Lung arrange to marry her?

4. Why doesn’t Wang Lung have peace again?

5. Why is Lotus mad at Wang Lung?

6. What does the youngest son say he is off to do?

7. Why doesn’t Wang Lung get the concept of “free”?

8. What makes Wang Lung jealous?

Chapter 33

1. Wang Lung is up to his wicked ways again. What is he doing?

2. Who figures out what he is doing first?

3. How does Lotus get over the news?

4. How does Wang Lung tell the news to his sons?

5. How does Wang Lung see his eldest son now?

6. Where does the youngest son go?

Chapter 34

1. Since Wang Lung has lost the friskies, what is Pear Blossom to him now?

2. What does Wang Lung ask Pear Blossom to do for him after he dies?

3. Wang Lung is getting old. What does he spend most of his time doing now?

4. What does Wang Lung have his son bring him?

5. Where does Wang Lung live now?

6. How has Wang Lung come full circle from where he began?

7. How have his sons not come full circle?

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These are a lot of questions. Ask the ones you need the most separately, NOT all at one time!

1. Wang Lung's nephew's slave gives birth to a girl. Wang Lung treats the slave and her child respectfully, assigning her to care for his aunt until her death. He gives the slave a private room and even some silver, but the slave requests that the silver be used as a dowry; she desires a trustworthy poor man as a husband and Wang Lung agrees to marry her off after his aunt dies. This promise recalls O-lan, for he was once such a man as this servant now seeks.