The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass Analysis

The Golden Compass” (Northern Lights) is a very powerful book due to the ideological component and drama of feelings; it is a novel of true heroism and fortitude. This book will not be understandable to everyone, because it is not naive, but it does not have a tediousness of magical systems and humor. The book has cruelty and inhumanity; it seems to be filled with “icy character” and volitional decisions. “The Golden Compass” is located at the crossroads of the magical fantasy and realistic horror, almost a continuer of the gloomy Gothic fairy tale in the realities of the world that is similar to our one with the same continents and names that the author gives to familiarize.

Of course, this is a fairy tale focused on children of 12-13 years of age. At least, the reader of any age will feel like a child, reading this book, and realize that it is even more interesting to read and imagine everything that happens. The reader will admire the main heroine Lyra, because her feelings, emotions, curiosity and desire to poke her nose into something are funny and cute.The text of this book is incredible. It is written in simple and understandable words for both adults and children. It contains a reasonable number of adjectives and other parts of speech, which make the dialogues of characters and the author’s speech figurative.

However, no one, being of sound mind, will not call this book to be childish. This entirely adult and philosophical novel deals with both moral and spiritual values. The attitude towards the church and God is sharply negative in the novel. To tell the truth, the novel is against the church, presenting it as the fighting not for the salvation of people’s souls, but for the power above them. The same issue concerns the angels – they inherent in all the human sins and they are not so godly. Nevertheless, there is an innocent girl in the sinful world, who tries to save everybody.

In terms of characterization, this book centers on a young woman of mindfulness and wit; the book can even be called rather didactic. It does not teach the reader that lie is a sin, because the main heroine often tells lies and it saves her in the different situations. However, the novel teaches us to understand the difference between lie for the sake of evil or own benefit and lie for the hiding of own disadvantages.

As a result, “The Golden Compass” shows a new view on the relationship between animals and people. All the emotions are much stronger, because the whole love and feelings are given to animals, the parting with which is tormented by dreary pain.The reader will realize that spiritual wealth is much more important than material one. It is very pleasant to read “The Golden Compass”, whose characters are in their own world, discovering it naturally for themselves. The world is fantastic and well thought-out, because both the reader and the main characters feel great in it.

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