The God of Small Things

"Fiction challenges and confronts the conventional values of the society." In what ways have the protagonists been shown to have challenged conventional values in The God Of Small Things?




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Rahel is born eighteen minutes after Estha. THey are both protagonists however much of the story is told through Rahel's eyes. Here are some of the many ways she challenges the social structure:

-Estha, Rahel, and Sophie Mol decide to run away. They cross the river in the boat. The boat capsizes and the twins realize that Sophie has drowned.

-Rahel goes to Delhi to study architecture. (this is a bold move for her gender and caste)

-She meets Larry McCaslin, whom she then marries. They move to Boston.

Rahel divorces Larry. She moves to New York, then Washington. All of these challenge the social constraints of the time. She marries a white man, moves to Boston and gets a divorce. THis was unthinkable for a woman to do!

-Rahel and Estha lie in bed together, then have sex.( I don't need to say anything about this!)