The God of Small Things

discuss the significance of the role of baby kochamma in the story.

how baby kochamma affects the lives of people in the novel?

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Baby Kochamma is the novel's antagonist. She is selfish, conceited, and five different kinds of mean, but it is her history and story that supply us with a background for the action. Thus, her character is significant.

Her actions were usually insincere and meant to mask her true self for the benefit of others. She wears the mask of patience and kindness for Father Mulligan; she became a nun for the same reason. She is condescending to Estha and Rahel; and behaves as if she's better than Ammu. Not happy to stop there, she thrives upon humiliating those around her and manipulating their feelings and actions to suit herself. Baby affects the lives of everyone around her, but she never does so in a positive way.


The God of Small Things