The Glass Castle

What was the worst thing that happened to the Walls Kids throughout part III of the class castle

State the event, with a page number - then give three reasons why this is the worst thing to happen to them in this section

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There are so many horrible things that happened in part 3. If I had to pick one, I would say it is when Rex uses his own daughter as a sexual distraction to beat a man at pool. Jeannette is unable to resist her father's pleas for money and she loans him $30 dollars within a week. To earn back the money, Rex takes Jeannette out to a roadside bar where he swindles a man named Robbie in pool using Jeannette as a distraction. Afterward, Jeannette feels used by her father but when she expresses this Rex says that she was in no real harm, it was just like when he threw her into the Hot Pot; she thought she would sink but he knew she could swim. My copy has pg 240-241.