The Glass Castle

What was jeanettes relationship to her siblings? Were you surprised to learn that, as adults, Jeanette and her siblings remained close to their parents?

Why do you think this is?

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Jeannette and her siblings depend on each other for survival. Jeannette and Brian pair together when faced by bullies from outside. Although Lori and Brian differ from Jeannette in their early loss of hope in Rex. Maureen exists as a sort of “black sheep” in the family. Not only does she not have red hair, but she seldom spends time with the family and instead relies on others to care for her. For this reason, Jeannette considers Maureen in need of more protection than the rest of her siblings. Considering the neglect and abuse she suffered. .I was surprised that she did remained close to her parents. I think Jeanette still saw her parents as  people but accepted them with their flaws and their pain.