The Glass Castle

In the description of Maureen and her lifestyle on pg. 274-276, what conflicts does she have? How are they affecting her future?

the glass castle

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After Maureen graduates from high school she goes to city college but she drops out and begins living with their parents in a squat and working temporarily as a bartender or a waitress. As always, Maureen depends on others to take care of her. Jeannette becomes concerned about Maureen's health when she begins exhibiting eccentric behavior. Her fears are confirmed when Maureen stabs her own mother after Rose Mary tells Maureen to move out of the house. Maureen is arrested and sentenced to time in a hospital in upstate New York.

Maureen's inner conflict encompasses her whole life. Her parents never took care of her properly, and her siblings escaped by moving away. Where the other Walls children had each other for support.... Maureen had no one.