The Glass Castle

In college, Jeannette is singled out by a professor for not understanding the plight of homeless people; instead of defending herself, she keeps quiet. Why do you think she does this?

Glass Castle

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I think she had lived that life for so long that the topic was too close to her. She was both ashamed and angry. The professor made a lot of assumptions about her and the homeless. Jeanette had to contend with so many emotions.

Jeanette didn't want the secrets of her past, to be revealed. She wanted to build a new life for herself in New York City.

Because she doesn't want to reveal that she was once homeless with her own family.

In the start of the discussion in class i sensed a small part of smug like a badge of honor about it. But its her secret. As proud to say ya i lived through that i also am ashamed of it. She's got the teacher snowed thinking shes a child of privilege and would like to keep it that way in that company


the book.


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