The Glass Castle

Describe the fight Jeanette's parents have. How does the fight affect the children?

What was the fight about and how did the children feel about it and how did it affect them?

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Rex and Rose Mary get into a heated argument while the family is moving from Midland to Blythe. Rex, who had drank some Tequila earlier in the day, is frustrated by Rose Mary’s insistence that she carried Lori in her womb for 14 months. He tells her that she simply lost count of the months. Offended by Rex’s hostility, Rose Mary jumps out of the moving vehicle. Rex chases her in the car, cursing at her as he drives, and the children are afraid he is going to run her over. Eventually Rex corners Rose Mary by some rocks and tosses her back into the car. Though Rose Mary sobs for the remainder of the car ride, the next day the couple has made up.