The Glass Castle

Describe the episode when Jeanette must rescue her father from the bar. Why is this episode so important?


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Jeannette is left in charge of the house and she is determined to stick to a budget and feed Maureen and Brian. However, Jeannette is unable to resist her father's pleas for money and she loans him $30 dollars within a week. To earn back the money, Rex takes Jeannette out to a roadside bar where he swindles a man named Robbie in pool using Jeannette as a distraction. Afterward, Jeannette feels used by her father but when she expresses this Rex says that she was in no real harm, it was just like when he threw her into the Hot Pot; she thought she would sink but he knew she could swim.

This is significant because Jeannette begins to recognize that her father continually the family down. Once the only child who believed in him, she loses hope in Rex as his drunkenness worsens.