The Glass Castle

Describe the children's education. What is important to the family?

I finished the book ahead of my class, I just couldnt remeber what was important to the family.

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Most of the children's formal education was done at home, wherever home was at that moment. They did attend various public schools but always had to leave when their father decided to skedaddle. Father, however, did teach them many things, like mathematics. He also instilled a hunger for learning.



Nature and the environment was very important to the parents for their children's education, astronomy, the desert, rocks, tress, what plants provided water, which plants you could eat to survive. So science was important. Questioning things was extremely important. They played the ergo reasoning game, so the father taught his children higher level thinking skills. Mathematics was important. Building things, so the principles of engineering was important. The mother taught her children to appreciate art and beauty and music and dance.