The Glass Castle

51. Describe the plans that Lori and Jeannette make. What do these plans tell us about the sisters?

the glass castle

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After two filmmakers arrive in Welch as part of a government cultural enrichment program, Lori is inspired to move to New York. The filmmakers, Ken Fink and Bob Gross, insist that she will have better chances of becoming a successful artist if she moves to Manhattan. When Lori shares this plan with Jeannette, Jeannette lets her know about the escape fund and both of the girls begin contributing to it. They keep their money in a piggy bank which they name Oz.

These plans illustrate that both girls are unhappy with their lives and are preparing to leave and go out on their own. Their planning also shows the girls are responsible and organized..... they know what they want, and they're preparing to get it.