The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest

Characters from Larsson's life

  • Svante Branden helps Salander "by denouncing the fraudulent analysis of Dr. Peter Teleborian and the arbitrary internment to which he had subjected her." Larsson and his life partner Eva Gabrielsson were loaned a student room by the real Svante Branden who, after being neighbors with Larsson in Umeå, was a psychiatrist and a friend. In her book "There Are Things I Want You to Know" About Stieg Larsson and Me, Gabrielsson writes that the character and the person were a lot alike because Svante "was against every form of violation of human rights and freedom. When Stieg made him one of the heroes of The Millennium Trilogy, it was a way of paying homage to him." [5]
  • Anders Jonasson, the doctor who helps Salander significantly throughout her hospital stay, is based on Anders Jakobsson, a longtime friend of Stieg Larsson and Eva Gabrielsson's. His name was changed in the novel to Jonasson after he ran into Erland, Larsson's father, in a supermarket and told him how he felt about Gabrielsson's being denied access to Larsson's estate after his death.[5]
  • Kurdo Baksi, Kurdish-Swedish publisher of Black and White magazine and collaborator with Stieg Larsson at the Expo Foundation, appears "as himself" in the books, along with his publishing house.

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