The Fountainhead

Why does Roark pick Mallory for the sculpture in the Stoddard Temple? What is Mallory's concept for the statue? What is the final result?

Pages 307-368

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Roark wanted the best man available for the job. Thus, his first choice was Mallory. 

"And so I didn't come here to do you a favor or because I felt sorry for you or because you need a job pretty badly. I came for a simple, selfish reason-the same reason that makes a man choose the cleanest food he can find. It's a law of survival, isn't it?-to seek the best. I didn't come for your sake. I came for mine."

Mallory uses Dominique as his model, in an attempt to capture the human spirit...... a sense of exuberance. 

In the end, Toohey gives Dominique the statue. 


The Fountainhead