The Fault in Our Stars

Still having trouble with this question, let me rephrase it, can someone find me examples of, "being true to oneself"

specifically for Hazel, page numbers would be appreciated.

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Hazel is true to herself when she stands up to her parents and tells them they need to go on with their lives because she will not always be with them. Her mother has quit her job to look out for her and is over-protective to the point where she follows Hazel to the mall. In essence, she tells them to let her be a teenager and have friends.... just the way they always wanted.

Hazel is at dinner with Gus in Amsterdam. They discuss what it means to lead an extraordinary life, and Gus believes that everyone wants one. Hazel responds that it's mean for anyone to say that the only lives that matter are those of people who live or die for something..... she's dying and believes that his desire or need to leave something behind isn't right.