The Faerie Queene

Online editions

  • The Faerie Queene public domain audiobook at LibriVox
  • Bear, Risa S., ed. (1993–96) [1882], "The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of Edmund Spenser", (HTML etext version ed.), Grosart, LondonCS1 maint: Date format (link)
  • Wise, Thomas J., ed. (1897), Spenser's Faerie queene. A poem in six books; with the fragment Mutabilitie, George Allen, in six volumes illustrated by Walter Crane
    • Book One , alt link
    • Book Two , alt link
    • Book Three , alt link
    • Book Four , alt link
    • Book Five , alt link
    • Book Six , alt link
  • Book I, Project Gutenberg incorporating modern rendition and glossary

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