The Duchess of Malfi

evaluate the duches of malfi as a play in the revevge tradition.

i wano to answer to this question

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The Duchess of Malfi is specifically a revenge tragedy. The story is from the Jacobean era (early 1600's).The revenge comes through the elements of tragedy. The Duchess chooses love over wealth and in the end, she is unrewarded, "her noble death is not even the play's culmination. That is left to her murderer-turned-avenger, Bosola, the middle man whose attempts to make way in the cruel world of the play end in disaster, and whose reformation ends only in disaster for those he tries to help."


the dutchess of malfi is revenge tragedy as it has all those taste or all those plotes that we usually found in jacoban era tragedy.... as in jacobean era in revenge tragedy following things are required or following things take place in the play their should be murder, there shoud be a feeling or desire of taking revenge, the narrative should involve in complex tragdy,The story should centre on characters of noble birth The narrative should incorporate ghosts,skulls and madness. Lust should be a strong motivation. The plot should involve physical horrors, such as poisoning and torture. Order should finally be restored at


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