The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

write a character sketch of lies

child hood friend


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Anne's school friend. While Anne is in the annex, she has visions of Lies suffering in a concentration camp. After Anne was sent to Belsen, she found Lies there, and the girls were happy that at least they could suffer together before they both died. There isn't too much on her personality but Anne feels incredible guilt that Lies was suffering while she (anne) was safe. 

"Yesterday evening, before I fell asleep, who should suddenly appear before my eyes but Lies! I saw her in front of me, clothed in rags, her face thin and worn. Her eyes were very big and she looked so sadly and reproachfully at me that I could read in her eyes: 'Oh, Anne, why have you deserted me? Help, oh, help me, rescue me from this hell!' And I cannot help her, I can only look on, how others suffer and die, and can only pray to God to send her back to us."