The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

why had the franks been forced to go in the hideout? how did they convert their hiding place into the most lively one?

3 july- 21 august 1942

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The Nazi presence in Amsterdam causes Mr. Frank to discuss leaving their home and going into hiding. Jews are being forced into concentration camps. None-the-less, the Frank's decision to move into the annex is accelerated because Margot, a sixteen year old, was called up by the SS.


In 1937 the Frank family tries to leave The Netherlands and emigrate to Great Britain and in 1938 and 1941 to the U.S.A. but fail. Eventually it becomes so dangerous for them in The Netherlands that they go into hiding. Otto and Edith Frank are prepared. They have been arranging a secret hiding place and had already planned to go into hiding with their daughters on July 16. Due to Margot's call-up, the planned date is now moved much closer. The franks living rooms were full of rubbish and cardboard boxes. The little room was filled to the ceiling with bed-clothes. Anne’s mother and Margot were very tired. So, her father and Anne had to clean up the room. Bep and Miep collected the rations. Somehow, the rooms were made fit to live in .


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