The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Why does Anne Frank feel that she can open her heart to Peter?

why does anne frank feel that she can open her heart to peter van what was anne franks response and general mood while she was in the secret annexe describe the various break ins in the annexe

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You have a few questions here. Please submit each one separately. I think Peter is really the only boy of her age in the annex. She finds him vulnerable and wants to "fix" him. He is almost sixteen when he comes to live in the annex. Shy, awkward, and introspective, he does not pique Anne's attention until they have been living in the annex for almost two years. Then they begin a deep friendship that leads to some physical intimacy. Anne is at first head over heels in love with him, then she realizes that, although he is a nice young man, he is weak-minded and lacks character.



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What was Anne's general mood and response while she was in the annexe?

her mood became darker as frustration and anger increased.her anxiety grew with each diary entry and she was particularly annoyed with other residents of the annexe, occasionally being satirical and sarcastic. She tries to act as an adult, but still jumps into her parents' bed during air raids and turns to medications for her depression. She isn't helped by the environment of the annexe and is afraid and vulnerable to say the least, seeing everybody fight and longing for freedom.