The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

What thoughts does anne have that prove the climax is coming

pages 151-181

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After the vegetable man's disappearance, Anne's mood becomes more desperate,

I feel so miserable. I haven't felt like this for months even after the burglary I didn't feel so utterly broken. On the one hand, the vegetable man, the Jewish question, which is being discussed minutely over the whole house, the invasion delay, the bad food, the strain, the miserable atmosphere, my disappointment in Peter...

On the other hand she feels a sense of anticipation as allied armies approach.

Oh, Kitty, the best part of the invasion is that I have the feeling that friends are approaching. We have been oppressed by those terrible Germans for so long, they have had their knives so at our throats, that the thought of friends and delivery fills us with confidence!