The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

What responsibilities have Mr. Kraler and Miep accepted for the occupants of the secret attic?

It doesn't say what scene or act it is taking about, this is about The Diary Of Anne Frank (the play).

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Mr. Kraler is another Dutch associate of Mr. Frank's who arranges for the living situation in the annex. Along with Mr. Koophius, he bears the brunt of responsibility for their secret. He, too, is arrested for his role in helping the annex residents. He spends eight months in a forced labor camp.

Miep is a Dutch woman who assists the annex residents with food, clothing, books, and companionship. She cheerfully assists them with the things they need and pitches in to give them holidays. Along with Elli, she retrieves and saves Anne's diary from the floor after the annex residents are arrested.