The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

What is Anne's purpose in this speech (1204-1217)?

The diary of anne frank

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 Again, you'll need to supply me with an Act number and scene.

On page 562 lines 1204-1217

Act 2 scene 1

We are all a little thinner. The Van Daans’ “discussions” are as violent as ever. Mother still does not understand me. But then I don’t understand her either. There is one great change, however. A change in myself. I read somewhere that girls of my age don’t feel quite certain of themselves. That they become quiet within and begin to think of the miracle that is taking place in their bodies. I think that what is happening to me is so wonderful . . . not only what can be seen, but what is taking place inside. Each time it has happened, I have a feeling that I have a sweet secret. (We hear the chimes and then a hymn being played on the carillon outside.) And in spite of any pain, I long for the time when I shall feel that secret within me again. 

In this speech, Anne is noting the changes that have occured within her over the period of time they've been confined to the annex. She sounds more mature, self-confidant, and optimistic than ever. The time doesn't seem to have damaged her unique coping skills, nor does it seem to have dampened her positive feeling about her budding womanhood. This speech prepares is for the person Anne is becoming......


The Diary of Anne Frank