The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

What idea do you form about Anne on the basis of her diaries ranging between Dec 1942 to Jan 1943 .

07 December 1942 to 30 January 1943

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Emotionally, this is the low point for Anne during her time in the annex. She suffers from depression and is forced, by virture of her circumstances, to conceal what is going on within her from the others around her. Otto Frank once said that when Anne was alive, he had no idea who the Anne of this diary was, and that it proved that "children are strangers to their parents." Anne continues to keep up her reputation as a light-hearted chatterbox among the residents of the annex, and she does her best to make life livable for the people around her. Her hard work for the St. Nicholas holiday is a good example. Internally, however, she is tormented by fear and frustration.