The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

What different aspects of Anne's character are revealed in her diary?

i neeed answer in about 120 words!

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Anne Frank

A young Dutch woman of German-Jewish origin. She is the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank. As the diary is her property and prized possession, the readers remain in her head throughout the length of the book. In her diary she is precocious, intelligent, charming, and, even under the worst circumstances, funny. Over the course of the diary, she grows from a spoiled, somewhat naive young girl of thirteen to a self-aware young woman of fifteen. Although she has little political consciousness at the beginning of the diary, she grows to question anti-Semitism and the point of war. During her time in the annex, she suffers from boredom, despair, and the petty persecution of those around her. She also discovers a wealth of good qualities in herself. After the annex residents are discovered, she goes to the concentration camp at Belsen, in Germany, where she dies before her sixteenth birthday.

In the beginning part of her diary, we meet Anne before her ordeal. The picture we get is of a typical thirteen-year-old: precocious in some ways (her analysis of her friendships is startlingly adult), childish in others (her giggly behavior about boys). If she had been allowed to continue living outside and going to school, interacting with others, or if the war had not targeted Jews, she would have continued to be a charming, if faceless young girl.

In Section Two, we experience Anne's growth and development under duress. As we see in the entry for July 8, Anne knows how to quickly abandon the trappings of her privileged childhood to react in a crisis situation. She has a strong survival instinct. When Harry comes to the door, she does not go down to greet him or even protest when she cannot go down to greet him. Her thoughts are fixed on her family's safety.