The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

What are your impressions of dating in jewish society?

it is the question of the diary of a young gilr by anne frank

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Anne was fourteen years old and too young to date. Teenage relationships were much the same in the 1940's as they are today, except for the fact that children were more innocent and exposed to far less. Crushes were common.... hormones never change. 

Where is familiar right? We, Pickup Girls, answer this question: Anywhere! On the street, in cafes, on public transport, in a nightclub, . Good girls are everywhere, and you can not guess where the next time you met the one that you like.
In general, the desire to get acquainted - normal. Every thousand times seen a situation where the man turned around after a spectacular beauty. And I am sure he, too, turned around, and inside there was a desire to talk with the girl. It is a fact.