The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

What are three things that the characters remember about past Hanukkahs?

Act 1 Scene 5

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From the text:

Mrs. Frank. [As she brings the food] I remember particularly the candles . . . First one, as we have tonight. Then the second night you light two candles, the next night three . . . and so on until you have eight candles burning. When there are eight candles it is truly beautiful.

Mrs. Van Daan. And the potato pancakes.

Mr. Van Daan. Don’t talk about them!

Mrs. Van Daan. I make the best latkes you ever tasted!

Mrs. Frank. Invite us all next year . . . In your own home.

Mr. Frank. God willing!

Mrs. Van Daan. God willing.

Margot. What I remember best is the presents we used to get when we were little . . . eight days of presents . . . and each day they got better and better.


Anne Frank