The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

What Anne insensitive towards her mother ?

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Edith and Anne were complete opposites. Once they moved into the annex it was only a matter of time before trouble would start, and it did. First, remember that Anne was a daddy's girl and a teenager. Her mother was the disciplinarian. Anne was a live wire, happy one moment, tearful the next....... her mother was an introvert; very shy, very quiet, and very serious. Anne was certain that her mother didn't understand her (I've heard that from every teenage girl I've ever known), and yet it was her mother who continuously defended her, and Anne knew this.

Had Anne's years of adolescence been normal, she would have gone for a walk when she was angry with her mother or locked herself in her room, but she couldn't. She was hiding in an annex with not only her family but others as well. She couldn't talk to her friends, so she wrote in her diary. What would have been easily forgotten as a case or hormones will live forever in history.