The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

related to diary of a young girl by anne frank i want to know the answers of some questions so can you can help me to know all that.

1.what made anne drift away from mother?how far was mother actually responsible for antagonizing anne?

2.who was mr.drecher?why was he generally considered to be a nuisance?

3.what news of outside world didmr.dussel give the inmates of anne?

4.who was mr van maaren and why were the annexe inmates cautious of him?

5.who was peter shiff?what sort of relationship did anne have with him? was st.nicholas day celebrated in the annexe in dec 1943? did peter,margot,anne keep themselves busy in the annexe?

8.why did mr.kheiman offer to get the annexe people a small radio from home?what trait of his character does the gesture high light?

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I see you are asking these separately which I will get to ASAP.