The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Questions of Anne Frank book!

1. (Friday, August 14, 1942) What do friends of the Frank family think has happen to them?

2.( Wednesday, September 2, 1942) Who is Anne having a difficult time getting along with and why?

3. (Wednesday, September 2, 1942) Why do you think Peter is so interested in reading a book about women, that he would even rish punishment?

4. (Monday, September 21, 1942) Is Anne a good student? Does she think she is as smart as her sister? Explain.

5. (Monday Setember 28, 1942) What emotion do you think Anne is Feeling when beginning this journal entry? Explain why.

6. (Tuesday, September 29, 1942) Describe 2 challenges Anne has had to overcome when using the bathroom and staying clean.

9. (Friday, October 9, 1942) What is happening to Anne's Jewish friends outside of hiding, in the "real world?"

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1. They think that the Franks have escaped to Switzerland.

You need to submit each of your questions one at a time.