The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Mrs.Van Daan was a very ungrateful and selfish woman. Examples from the novel.

Entire novel.

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Three examples of Mrs. van Daan's selfishness from the text:

Mother and Mrs. van Daan aren't getting along very well. There are enough reasons for the friction. To give you one small example, Mrs. van D. has removed all but three of her sheets from our communal linen closet. She's assuming that Mother's can be used for both families.

Furthermore, Mrs. van D. is ticked off because we're using her china instead of ours.

Mrs. van Daan is unbearable. I'm continually being scolded for my incessant chatter when I'm upstairs. I simply let the words bounce right off me! Madame now has a new trick up her sleeve: trying to get out of washing the pots and pans. If there's a bit of food left at the bottom of the pan, she leaves it to spoil instead of transferring it to a glass dish.


The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank