The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Mr. Frank explains that everyone must be very quiet between 830am and 530pm during business hours. List 6 rules that everyone who lives in the annex must follow if they want to survive.


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From the text:

Now. About the noise. While the men are in the building below, we must have complete quiet. Every sound can be heard down there, not only in the workrooms but in the offices too. The men come at about eight-thirty and leave at about five-thirty. So, to be perfectly safe, from eight in the morning until six in the evening we must move only when it is necessary, and then in stockinged feet. We must not speak above a whisper. We must not run any water. We cannot use the sink or even, forgive me, the w.c. The pipes go down through the workrooms. It would be heard. No trash . . . (MR. FRANK stops abruptly as he hears the sound of marching feet from the street below. Everyone is motionless, paralyzed with fear. MR. FRANK goes quietly into the room on the right to look down out of the window. ANNE runs after him, peering out with him. The tramping feet pass without stopping. The tension is relieved. MR. FRANK, followed by ANNE, returns to the main room and resumes his instructions to the group.) . . . No trash must ever be thrown out which might reveal that someone is living up here . . . not even a potato paring. We must burn everything in the stove at night. This is the way we must live until it is over, if we are to survive. 


The Diary of Anne Frank Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett