The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Mr. Dussel tells Anne that he "always gets along well with children." Give 3 examples of how this has changed by the end of the scene.

Act One, Scene 3

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Mr. Dussel's claim comes at the end of the scene and is followed by.......

Anne’s Voice. . . . And yesterday I finished Cissy Van Marxvelt’s latest book. I think she is a first-class writer. I shall definitely let my children read her. Monday, the twenty-first of September, nineteen forty-two. Mr. Dussel and I had another battle yesterday. Yes, Mr. Dussel! According to him, nothing, I repeat . . . nothing is right about me . . . my appearance, my character, my manners. While he was going on at me, I thought . . . sometime I’ll give you such a smack that you’ll fly right up to the ceiling! Why is it that every grown-up thinks he knows the way to bring up children? Particularly the grown-ups that never had any. I keep wishing that Peter was a girl instead of a boy. Then I would have someone to talk to. Margot’s a darling, but she takes everything too seriously. To pause for a moment on the subject of Mrs. Van Daan. I must tell you that her attempts to flirt with Father are getting her nowhere. Pim, thank goodness, won’t play. 


The Diary of Anne Frank