The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

major dilemma in anne franks book

what is a major dilemma in anne franks book the diary of a young girl?

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There are so many dilemmas. One is the Frank's having to consider the lives of the people helping them from the outside. Should they be found out, these people would surely be killed along with the people in the annex. The Frank's are risking the lives of others to stay hidden

Anne had quite a few dilemmas.First of all she wondered about her national and ethnic identity.She could not understand why they had to severe their roots in Germany and flee to Holland.When she happens to listen to news of Rauter swearing to cleanse the Province of Utrachet of Jews she is baffled, "Are the Jews something like cockroaches ? The stories about suffering of people outside the hide out were gruesome .This again put Anne in a conflict. At one instant she felt the residents of secret Annex were in a paradise.But She was in a turmoil that she could not help those who were left behind.The Survivor's guilt tormented her .she felt it was wicked of herself to enjoy the cosy bed when many of her friends and the like were tortured by the Gestapo. The nightmares of Lies and Grandma are evidences of her dilemma.


Chapter 11 Anne's diary entry dated March 27 ,1943 Chapter 8 Diary entry of November 19, 1942 Chapter 18 Diary entry of November 27, 1943