The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

In the voice over at the end of the scene, Anne describes what the characters plan to do when the war has ended. Who plans to do what?

Act One, Scene 4

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From the text:

Mrs. Van Daan longs to be home with her own things, her needlepoint chairs, the Bechstein piano her father gave her . . . the best that money could buy. Peter would like to go to a movie. Mr. Dussel wants to get back to his dentist’s drill. He’s afraid he is losing his touch. For myself, there are so many things . . . to ride a bike again . . . to laugh till my belly aches . . . to have new clothes from the skin out . . . to have a hot tub filled to overflowing and wallow in it for hours . . . to be back in school with my friends . . . 


The Diary of Anne Frank