The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

In the book, Anne tells what is the best and worst part of her on a normal routine in the annex?

Anne Frank. She tells about this somewhere around Aug 4, 1943

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Her favorite part of the routine is having the bathroom to herself to do "girl" things.

"Quickly into dressing gown, soap in one hand, pottie, hairpins, pants, curlers, and cotton wool in the other, I hurry out of the bathroom; but usually I'm called back once for the various hairs which decorate the washbasin in graceful curves, but which are not approved of by the next person." Wednesday, 4 August, 1943, pg. 86

Anne begins to give a detailed account of the group's daily routine, starting on August 4, 1943, with an account of their evening and night-time routines, who sleeps where, who washes when and how Anne leaves hairs in the bathroom sink. She also describes the strange noises which the house and its "inmates" make during the night. There is also a graphic description of Anne using the potty in the middle of the night, waking up from a dream to the sound of an air raid and scampering into her father's bed in fear. This last episode is illustrated by a verse from the poem which Margot wrote for Anne's birthday. Anne continues her account the following day with a description of lunchtime. Her review of the evening meal becomes an analysis of the characters of the people sitting around the table, their eating habits, their ways of talking, and their general traits. On the whole, these are not very complimentary.

In the passage for August 18, 1943, Anne manages to give a vivid and entertaining account of a rather mundane task, potato peeling. She has a keen eye, and she carefully observes the little nuances of speech and the physical gestures which characterize the various members of the group. There is also a touching description of what Anne calls "a little bit of real family life" (August 23, 1943).