The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

how do the inmates conduct on hearing those beloved winston churchild?

how do inmate sconduct on hearing those beloved winston churchild?

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I'm sorry, could you possibly restate the question?

Anne, her family, and the rest of those in the annex love Churchill and keep abreast of what is going on in the world by listening to him on the radio.

"Here's a shining example, a speech made by our beloved Winston Churchill.

Nine o'clock, Sunday evening.

The teapot, under its cozy, is on the table, and the guests enter the room.

Dussel sits to the left of the radio, Mr. van D. in front of it and Peter to the side. Mother is next to Mr. van D., willi Mrs. van D. behind them. Margot and I are sitting in the last row and Pim at the table. I realize this isn't a very clear description of our seating arrangements, but it doesn't matter. The men smoke, Peter's eyes close from the strain of listening, Mama is dressed in her long, dark negligee, Mrs. van D. is trembling because of the planes, which take no

notice of the speech but fly blithely on toward Essen, Father is slurping his tea,

and Margot and I are united in a sisterly way by the sleeping Mouschi, who has

taken possession of both our knees. Margot's hair is in curlers and my nightgown

is too small, too tight and too short. It all looks so intimate, cozy and peaceful, and for once it really is. Yet I await the end of the speech will I dread. They're impatient, straining at the leash to start another argument! Pst, pst, like a cat luring a mouse from its hole, they goad each other into quarrels and dissent."


The Diary of Anne Frank