The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

How did the Van Daand and the Franks get along? Which of the family members seemed better able to cope with the close quarters? Why?

Be specific please and make it from the book and in you opion

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Though the Franks eagerly awaited the Van Daan’s arrival, the Franks and Van Daans did not get along well at all afterwards. In the beginning, Anne frequently argues with Mr. Van Daan although they eventually get along better. Anne and Mrs. Van Daan argue throughout the entire book and their relationship grows progressively worse. Anne regards Peter as lazy and stupid. Anne is also frustrated because the Van Daans seem to have a general consensus that Margot is the better child. Mrs. Frank has an argument or two with the Van Daans, but generally gets along well with them. Otto and Margot are too smart and mature to get into the silly arguments like the rest of them.