The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

describe the reactions of anne when she was conducted by her parents on reading margot's book.

7th novenber to 28th november, 1942

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Anne was angry at her mother's reprimand and gave in to her father's.

Margot carne back, saw' "her" book in my hands, knitted her brow and angrily demanded the book back. I wanted to look through it some more. Margot got madder by the minute, and Mother butted in: "Margot was reading that book; give it back to her."

Father came in, and without even knowing what was going on, saw that Margot was being wronged and lashed out at me: "I'd like to see what you'd do if Margot was looking at one of your books!"

I promptly gave in, put the book down and, according to them, left the room' 'in a huff." I was neither huffy nor cross, but merely sad.