The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

describe dr. albert dussel as 'an old fashioned disciplinarian'as viewed by anne.

7 november- 28 november 1942

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Anne sees Dussel as a tattletale, I would assume it felt a bit like having a younger sibling in the form of an old man. Dussel had distinct opinions on how young people were to act.... he believed in propriety and good manners. The fact that he had no problem lecturing Anne about her inadequacies, in addition to reporting them to her mother, did nothing to endear him to Anne during their time together.

Mr. Dussel, the man who was said to get along so well with children and to absolutely adore them, has turned out to be an old-fashioned disciplinarian and preacher of unbearably long sermons on manners. Since I have the singular pleasure (!) of sharing my far too narrow room with His Excellency, and since I'm generally considered to be the worst behaved of the three young people, it's all I can do to avoid having the same old scoldings and admonitions repeatedly flung at my head and to pretend not to hear. This wouldn't be so bad if Mr. Dussel weren't such a tattletale and hadn't singled out Mother to be the recipient of his reports. If Mr. Dussel's just read me the riot act, Mother lectures me all over again, this time throwing the whole book at me. And if I'm really lucky, Mrs. van D. calls me to account five minutes later and lays down the law as well!


The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank