The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

choose one character in the annex, not Anne, and define Anne's relationship with them and how it changes.

The Diary of Anne Frank

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Albert Dussel is a fifty-four-year-old Jewish dentist. The Franks and the van Daans invite him to join them in the annex in November, 1942. He shares a room with Anne, and she quickly grows tired of what she sees as his high-handed manner. Anne's quarrels with Dussel are one of the main features of the diary. Her satirical portrait of him is recorded in her diary entry for August 9, 1943: "Pants that come up to his chest, a red jacket, black patent-leather slippers and horn-rimmed glasses-that's how he looks when he's at work at the little table, always studying and never progressing." In Anne's eyes, Dussel is pompous, petty and unreasonable.

Anne gave pseudonyms to the other residents of the attic. In real life, Dussel was Fritz Pfeffer. He died on December 20, 1944, in the Neuengamme concentration camp.