The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Aug 4, 1943, What is the best part of Anne's day and what is the worst part of Anne's day?

Anne Frank

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I hope this is what you mean,

The entry dated September 10 is filled with good news, for Italy has surrendered unconditionally. At first everyone in the annex, including Anne, is cheerful and hopeful; then when no changes are seen in Holland, things become more gloomy than ever for these Jews in hiding. It is like they sense some unexplained bad omen. Matters are made worse when Koophuis and Miep, their Dutch protectors, grow ill and cannot attend to the needs of the Jews as they normally do. Anne is so upset that she begins to take sedatives to calm her nerves. She writes that the day after taking a pill, she feels more miserable than ever. She states, “A good hearty laugh would help more than ten Valerian pills, but we’ve almost forgotten how to laugh.”