The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Anne says she is "fortunate" to have a hiding place. Do you agree? Explain?

Anne Frank

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I would agree. Most Jews in Amsterdam were being sent off to Nazi death camps.

Yes, I do agree when Anne says she is "fortunate" to have a hiding place.

The Nazi Regime was at its peak and Jews were being hunted and slaughtered. The Franks were temporarily safe since they had gone into the hiding; but most of their Jewish friends and acquaintances were out there, with a sword hanging over their heads.

Anne states that she and the other members of the Annexe are worried about those out there. She feels guilt for living in comfort while others are being tortured.

In the Annexe, Anne realises how isolated she is from the terror and pain of the outside world, this feeling o security makes her grateful for the hiding place.


Diary of a Young Girl, entry date: 11/19/1942