The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Anne describes vividly how the standards of the people in the Annexe have fallen. What does she say about them?

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There were the frequent fights between Mr. and Mrs. van Daan.

She is annoyed with Mrs. Van Daan for flirting with Mr. Frank.

Anne reports at length a quarrel that happened between herself and her family. Her parents took Margot's side when Margot and Anne fought over a book.

Mr. Dussel turns out to be a "a stodgy old-fashioned disciplinarian." THey fight a lot.

People bicker and fight over trivial matters.

“Up till now I always thought bickering was just something children did and they outgrew it. Of course, there's sometimes a reason to have a 'real' quarrel, but the verbal exchanges that take place here are just plain bickering. I should be used to the fact that these squabbles are daily occurrences, but I'm not and never will be as long as I'm the subject of nearly every discussion. (They refer to these as 'discussions instead of 'quarrels', but Germans don't know the difference!)”

She has no privacy, people gossip relentlessly, like about her and Peter, and seem to want to control her every move.