The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

1 With the passage of time why and how did Anne’s attitude towards the inmates of the Annex change?

diary of a young girl

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Over time, Anne matured and grew used to their situation. Moving in with other families, especially in those circumstances was difficult for the adults, let alone a teenage girl (how would you feel in her situation). While in hiding, the group became like family. They, of course, argued.... all families do, but Anne's relationship with Peter helped alleviate the stress, as well as the blossoming relationship she had with her mother and sister. When we first meet Anne, she and her mother butt heads. Girls think they know it all and believe their mothers to know nothing. This changes as girls mature, and it certainly did so with Anne. Also, as time went on, they believed their time in the annex was coming to a close. There were many reports that the war was coming to an end, which provided those living in the annex with new hope.