The Demon in the Freezer

How did Dr. William H. Foege pioneer the ring vaccination effort?

The demon in the freezer.

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This is the only reference I find in regard to Bill (William Foege). It states that he was one of those who pioneered the ring vaccination, but it doesn't go any further. The way the vaccination itself is used and administered is detailed in the text. Is that the information you were looking for?

Henderson said to me once. "There's Frank Fenner, there's Isao Arita, Bill Foege, Nicole Grasset, Zdenek Jezek, Jock Copland, John Wickett -- I could come up with fifty names. Let alone the tens of thousands who worked in the infected countries." Nevertheless, Henderson ran it. Smallpox killed at least three hundred million people in the twentieth century. During that time, humanity was largely immune to smallpox, which is not the case today. When D. A. Henderson arrived on the scene in 1966, two million people a year were dying of smallpox. In the years since the eradication effort began, Henderson and his team have effectively saved more than fifty million lives. This could be the most impressive achievement in the history of medicine. Henderson and his colleagues, however, have never received the Nobel Prize for their work.


The Demon in the Freezer